One place for all communication

Teachers and parents dont have time to spend hours connecting via Twitter, email, paper note, text-messages, a class blog. RyMM handles it all in a way that is as fast as texting and more private than Twitter, and that doesnt require adding to an already clogged email inbox. RyMM keeps record of all the communication done with individual parents for future assessments on students performance.

Mind what matters

RyMM for the android and web simply captures all those classroom behaviors that teachers have always wanted to record: students being helpful, diligent, cooperative, focused, and hard working. When a student makes a poor choice, that choice is captured too with a few taps of your finger, then shared instantly with that student's parents. Mind what matters...simply! We become what we measure. Too often, only negative behaviors get recorded. The negative gets reviewed, shared, discussed and even internalized. RyMM help teachers to capture the good things students do each and every day! Your school climate turns all shades of green! Go green!

No student, or parent, left behind.

A steady flow of communication from teachers to parents (and vice versa) provides a view into the classroom, and keeps teachers, parents and students in sync throughout the year. Constant short and digestible updates lead to happier and more informed parents, smarter kids, and no more surprises at parent-teacher interviews.

Go Green

Tap it, share it. It's that simple! Teachers, parents, administrators, or counselors will know at a glance how their students are doing. Stop the paperwork, the logging in and out, the referral slips, the phone calls. Tap it, share it, done!

We dont make extra work for teachers.

Teachers are always promised the world from technology, but often it fails to deliver, or requires too much ramp up time to learn. The best tools reduce work, not create it, so RyMM's ease-of-use assures more parents will get the message, receiving push updates by email or text, or through an optional mobile app.

Your data should be smart too

In addition to being a great tool for addressing individual behavior issues, the data garnered by RyMM can be an essential tool for administrators to spot larger trends and tendencies. RyMM's web and mobile based administration panel allows administrators and principals to dive into results at a macro level.

Improve student behaviour

Pupil behaviour is one of the biggest barriers to effective teaching & learning. RyMM provides a behaviour management system that you can use to improve behaviour and recognise achievement, you can even involve colleagues, parents & the students themselves.

Simplified attendance management system

Visualize live attendance to proactively identify chronically absent students and monitor their progress. Use historical data to identify the weeks or months during which students are most likely to be sick, absent or tardy. Track suspensions over time and by subgroup. Drill down to a student to review their complete attendance history.

Event and activity scheduling platform

Scheduling everything that takes place at school every day and updating parents and students can be complex. RyMM makes it super easy. A personal schedule for every class and every teacher of your school. Schedule school events and tasks. Make changes when necessary. Communicate these changes with parents and school staff.