Parents dont wait for a call! your child at school needs you

author By Shaik Naushad,

Its 5th or 6th week of school and its probably right about now where teachers start calling homes to get the parents help. So unfortunately most of the time parents assume that "it's something bad that my kid has misbehaved or is he flunking out of school or something is not right". Edu-Pundits encourage teachers and parents to have ongoing conversations especially when their child is doing okay. However because of time and resources often times it's not until they get a call concern.

Instead of rewinding the tape and going over every dramatic episode from the past. Instead look for the future. So here is it what happens, at big parent teachers meeting, what typically happens is the play that is explain and blame game. Everybody goes round and tries to figure out, what it is that the child has done wrong, how it is that they have gone out of track. Now we assume you get more on what you focus on. And so what ends up happening is instead of being helpful, we have just now clearly described and defined what the child is doing wrong? This is not really helpful to get the child back on track.

When parents and teachers work together it sends a clear, consistent, and positive message to students that school is important, that learning is important and that achievement is expected

RyMM Education

So at RyMM Education what we are encouraging for parents and teachers to do is to do the thing bit differently, and that is to go back and look for some exceptions. The child was not always messing up. What was going on before their performance started disintegrating. By doing that you get them to focus on those things and again you get more on what you focus on. That is more likely to get them more back on track. Than trying to figure out what went wrong?

Highlighting the past progress, will pave the way for future progress ~ RyMM Education

RyMM Education

Partnership between parents, teachers and child. Everybody has to be committed and everybody has to take the responsibility for the parts of the situation that they control. So parents have to be able to say Okay, before my child was messing up what is that I was doing that was helpful at that time and also they have to act as if they are. Help them with their homework, talk to them. If you want your child to do more homework then help them with their homework. No matter how frustrated you are. Rather than controlling your kids help them to better control themselves and every one else will take control on the parts they are responsible for.

RyMM believes in acting rather than reacting. Businesses look at Profit and schools and parents look at achievement. So as a parent dont wait for a call. Go in have a brief meeting with teachers and then focus on how the student is achieving as well as how well they can achieve better. To do this a digital solution is what a parent teacher really need for a better outcome and we at RyMM Education are making it a possibility.