Every child should be given a chance to succeed!

author By Shaik Naushad,

Every child should be given a chance to succeed! Schools can’t do it all by themselves. If we don’t find a ways to engage parents then we are not goanna get it done. It is well documented and pure common sense that parents involvement in child’s education boosts student learning and Improves well behavior and student attendance. Our highest achieving kids always have parental support what does that tell us? We have to get more parental support to more of our kids

“Family engagement is no external to the process of education”

Maria Dewald, Former President, NYS PTA

There is an enormous body of research and study on the positive impact of parent partnerships and students success. Not just in school but throughout life. Teachers cannot educate children without reaching out to their parents. When schools and families work together children have far a better chance not only just in schools but successful in life as well.

Teachers can’t teach everything. There’s not enough time. So what is important, what’s teachers role as the school and what is the role of families? So it really is a true partnership if you’re going to provide young people with what is the best education for their needs.
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