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RyMM for teachers

I forgot my homework, I lost it, I was absent, Sorry am late! Teachers hear many of these excuses from their students for not completing the given task. RyMM will be the tool for teachers to overcome these excuses and lead for a better classroom management.

RyMM for parents

RyMM let parents effortlessly stay informed about the amazing moments and the challenges their kids face in the classroom every day and help them back at home.

RyMM for school heads

Being head of a school all you want to know is what's going on in every class, with every student by every teacher and across every department of your campus. RyMM will let you access this data with in clicks and lets you communicate with every individual of your school.

Developing Productive Partnership Between School And Families

Messaging Parents

Communicate with parents and fellow teachers

Record Attendance

Take and share student attendance with parents

Behavior Management

Mange your students behaviour by giving digital behaviour points


Remind parents and students about important class activities

What Am I Teaching Today ?

Update parents of your students on what is being taught in class today.


Share Exam syllabus and grades with parents


Take notes on students class activities to share with fellow staff and parents


Update parents on homeworks from any place


Schedule and update parents on class and school events


Create survey among parents and have a detail insights


Schedule your meetings with parents and students

Staff Collaboration

Communicate and collaborate with fellow staff members

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